The strength of women together

strength of women
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I want to dedicate this post to the women, friends, sisters, leaders that I meet every day and that I am sure they will recognize themselves in these lines.  

The strength of women is incredible, driving and unstoppable.

I was reflecting on this yesterday as I walked the Promenade des Anglais and I realized that in the most important moments of my life it was women who have helped me. They have contributed effectively to my personal growth and to what I am today.

“Women’s strength is like water,” says Chinese medicine. Women have a Yin nature that corresponds to the water element. An element that we know well, present in everyday life. 

Women strength is like water

Water is life, it flows inexorably, does not stop in front of anything and always finds a way out. A drop of water, with constant work, is able to change the shape of a rock.

Do you understand our strength now?

I want to celebrate the women today. I would like that discouraged women, victims of difficult situations, would be able to reach their strength, their qualities and their talents.

Many of us have done it, but others have not had the luck or the strength to do so.

We are strong, because 

  • We know how to reinvent ourselves and we always find a solution. We can understand when things change and we have the strength to create something else. More beautiful, stronger and newer.
  • We know how to build. We don’t have muscles and hands as strong as men but an impressive ability to build. We know how to network by creating safe environments in which to grow.
We know how to build
  • We know we are sisters. We feel the pain. We don’t need words and it takes a glance to understand that we are there.
  • We know we are mothers. It doesn’t depend on whether we have given life or not, it’s part of our nature. We know how to protect, reassure in times of great difficulty.
We know we are mothers
  • We can heal a wound with a kiss. We have a great capacity to spread faith and hope. 
  • We know how to create equality. In any context such as different languages, nations, ages we know how to communicate with each other. Not because we can’t be silent… but because we know how to find ways to create equality, always.
We know how to create equality
  • We know we are leaders. Leading always. At home, in the family, in the upbringing of children and at work. Our ability to reinvent ourselves, create new solutions and go further makes us “Natural born leaders”

I know women and friends will recognize each other. I wanted to name them all, one by one. Space would not have been enough because we are so many with different languages and nations.

If you recognize yourself in this post share it. Enough of negative communication, based on fear. 

We network with positive messages, today more than ever. We give strength to ourselves and to all others who are in trouble or who have lost hope.

Caterina Luchetti
Caterina Luchetti

Insegnante di Qi Gong, Meditazione e Life Coach. Sono Marchigiana e vivo a Nizza da più’ di 14 anni. Il mio percorso è il risultato di tanti incontri e di una sola morale « Nulla accade per caso ».

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